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How much does a trucking from Zaporozhye in Ukraine?


Price transportation in Ukraine is formed from a number of factors:


- The price of fuel and lubricants;

- Weight of the load;

- Type of cargo;

- The volume of cargo;

- Complexity of the delivery;

- The method of loading;

- Distance transport;

- The number of points of loading and unloading;

- The time spent on transportation;    


Therefore, in each case, the price will be calculated by our experts, and agreed upon with the customer.    

Prices for transportation in Zaporozhye depend on the time of use T / C. Minimum order of three hours.    

Since today in our country, inflation and instability, the prices of fuels and lubricants are changed every day, and it makes no sense to spread daily rates.    


Therefore, please apply directly to our managers to calculate the actual cost of transportation.