Trucking - is the foundation of your business.


Our company carries out various types of cargo trucks. At your disposal: internal equipment, aircraft, platforms of various modifications. Our cars are perfect for cargo transportation in zaporozhye and ukraine.

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The benefits that you get by working with "Beresklet Plus"




Individual approach

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       Our clients never doubt the quality of the services we uslug.Togrovlya - one of the most importantsectors of the economy, and therefore plays an important role the accuracy and punctuality. "Beresklet Plus" - the company operatesquickly and smoothly. 

       We always deliver the goods at a specified time and unharmed. If you ponarvilsya our service, you can sign a contract with us and use the services of "beresklet Plus" regularly. These customers can be delivered on preferential terms.

       You can order our services by phone and qualified manager will pick you transport in accordance with your requirements, which will arrive at their destination at the appointed time. 

       "Beresklet Plus" for more than 20 years of experience in the transport sector, and thanks to our many years of experience, we can call ourselves professionals.

Trucking in Zaporozhye and Ukraine

We provide:



- Transportation of goods up to 20 tons category awning cars and trailers;

- Open carriage (on-board) vehicles with a length of platforms from 6 to 13 meters;- transportation of pipes, wood, metal;

- Delivery of consumer goods;

- Transportation of cable products (drums, winding).

- Transportation of oversized and overweight construction equipment (cranes, excavators, rollers, bulldozers, drilling machines, walking tractors, graders, etc.);

- Transportation of agricultural machinery (combine harvesters, tractors, sprayers, cultivators, fertilizer spreaders, trailers, balers, seeders, etc.);

- Transportation of oversized and heavy process equipment (forging equipment, transformers, technological lines);

- Transportation huts, pavilions, modular buildings;

- Transportation of oversized vessels of large diameter;

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